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florida, illinois... and new yo. and by the uted states partment of education... and the united states immigration and naturalizationervice. you look tired, katherine. have late date last nig ? no such luck, jess. the only man in my life is a teenager th an ehtear-old sister. you want to hea about my date, jess ? he was a blroom dancer o ved to tango. in my dreams. how's david coming withy model airplane ? hasn't he fixethat for you t ? no. - i'll ask him aut it tonight. - don't bother. he's pbablgot a lot other things on his mind. the only thing on david's mind is how to get out of doing his homework. it's not funny, jess. i just got a second note from his teacher about his math and english grades. that bad, huh ? - don't worry. 's only a passing phase. - he'll geover it. - t when ? don't ow if i can le that long. - hasn't he got a birthday coming soon - next month. he'lle 14. fourteen ? he's practically man. at 14 i was workg in my father's shop. would you like me to finm a jo? e on thing i want is for himo finishchool without failing. finished m
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1